Jayson Isaac

Software Developer


American Express

Engineer III

java sql

American Express

Software Development Intern

java vitess

Integrated a distributed database framework (Vitess) into a proof-of-concept fraud detection system for credit card transactions. Also built a simple ORM library using Java.


Software Development Intern

reactjs es6 rails ruby aws

Worked with a distributed team to develop a platform to manage and deliver online courses by business schools such as Yale, Columbia, and Wharton. I converted various rails views to react components and setup an environment to document components.


Software Development Intern

jquery coffeescript rails ruby

Joined of a team of 6 people developing a real-estate search engine. I added new scrapers to retrieve apartment listings, built a new feature for finding roommates, and refactored legacy ruby code.

DevPost (formerly ChallengePost)

Software Development Intern

jquery coffeescript rails ruby

Started interning at ChallengePost when I was in high school and became proficient in Ruby on Rails thanks to great mentoring from Ilya Katz. I built a CMS for the sales team's client website and redesigned the frontend for user profiles.


Check out my portfolio at devpost.com/jki127


Code4Tomorrow Hackathon

1st Place

Built a mobile game called Flappy Words to make learning SAT Words fun.

Startup Weekend EDU Teen

1st Place

Developed a website called Ducky which helps high school students find extracurricular activities.

AT&T Internet of Things Hackathon

3rd Place

Created a scrabble-like game called WordNado which uses a tablet as a game board and mobile phones as controllers.

My City, My Schools Challenge

1st Place

Worked on a team of 5 to create a business plan and an educational social network app called SproutEd as part of the 3-month NYC Generation Tech program.

Design Work

Check out my Behance profile